Welcome to O'Kellys, Freiburg's Original Irish pub 
 Milchstrasse 1, 79098 Freiburg, Germany  

O'Kellys offer a massive selection of traditional Irish meals and tasty snacks

See below for our current selection of home-made specialities and look out for our extra special offers at the pub


Traditional Irish Classics

O'Kellys Irish Stew
(Lamm-Eintopf) Traditional irish stew, made with lamb, carrots, onions & potatoes in yummy thick gravy served with fresh bread & butter.
Shepherd's Pie
(Hackfleisch-Eintopf) Minced beef, carrots, onions and peas covered with mashed potatoes and baked. Lecker.
Fish 'n Chips
Deep fried fillet of cod (Kabeljaufilet) in beer batter served with chunky fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce



Chili Wrap
Homemade chili con carne & sour cream, wrapped. Served with a fresh salad
Chicken Caeser Wrap
Succulant chicken breast pieces in Caeser dressing wrapped served with salad
Panierter Feta Wrap
with sweet chilli sauce served with salad



  • Wir servieren deinen 180g O’Kellys Burger im klassischen Burger Sesambrötchen mit Salat, homemade Coleslaw, Tomaten und unserem original Burger Relish
  • Täglich frische handgemachte Burger aus 100% Rindfleisch von der Region.
  • We only sell the Best-Tasting burgers in Freiburg, and thats according to our Customers. We trust our Customers' opinions as the Customer is always right!
O'Kellys Famous homemade burger
O'Kellys Famous homemade burger topped with melted cheese
Cheese & Bacon Burger
O'Kellys Famous homemade burger topped with melted cheese and crispy bacon
Tex Mex
Hamburger with BBQ sauce, onion rings and cheese
Big Italy
Hamburger with mozzarella, garlic and pesto
Spicy Bella
Hamburger with hot sauce, jalapeños and cheese
Paddy Burger
Hamburger with potato röstis and cheese
Hawaii Burger
Hamburger with Schinken, pineapple and cheese
Real Turkey Burger
Pure turkey steak in a bun with Caesar dressing and melted cheese
The Godfather
3x 175g burgers, 3x cheese, 6x bacon, 2x fried egg
Veggie Burger
Veggie Patty, pineapple, cheese, sweet chilli