Welcome to O'Kellys, Freiburg's Original Irish pub 
 Milchstrasse 1, 79098 Freiburg, Germany  

O'Kellys Pub Quiz

Every Monday evening from 20:30

Bring your cleverest friends with you to take part in the challenge that is O'Kellys Pub Quiz, with host Chairman Moe

The Format - in a nutshell

Pub Quiz

The game consists of four rounds of ten questions. Each question answered correctly is worth two points. Round one consists of nine General Knowledge questions and one "Name That Tune" question (where a short piece of music is played and teams must guess the artist and the title of the track in order to gain points).

THE USE OF MOBILE PHONES TO DETERMINE ANSWERS IS STRONGLY FORBIDDEN - Anyone caught using a mobile phone by O'Kellys Staff will have their team disqualified and the team cannot win a prize. Google is NOT our friend.

After all questions have been read out for round one, teams have around ten minutes to write their answers onto the provided answer sheets and return them to Chairman Moe. Answers are then marked, teams awarded points and a score update read out. This is repeated for round two and three. Round four consists of a collection of ten pictures shown on the big screens throughout the pub and the teams must answer the accompanying questions.

The Winners - and the Prizes

Pub QuizAfter all answers have been read out, the scores are announced in ascending order and at the end of the evening the winning team is awarded their prize. Prizes are also awarded for fourth place and several other prizes throughout the scoreboard. It's great fun and you don't have to be Einstein to play along. You might even leave the pub knowing the largest collection of useless trivia in the country! Not only that, there are lots of great prizes to be won, and not just for the overall winners!

All questions are asked in English AND German, so plenty of opportunities to brush up on your weaker language.

Our quiz takes place every Monday night starting from 20:30 until around 23:30, so you can all catch your trams and busses home. However, we strongly suggest you come early in order to guarantee getting a table... especially if you are a big team. Arrive around 7pm - 7:30pm and you should be okay but after then, the pub quickly fills up. You have been warned!

So, get your cleverest friends to meet you at O'Kellys NEXT MONDAY well before 20:30 and play along.